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RTK tkalcovna, spol. s r.o.

RTK tkalcovna, spol. s r.o.



Address: Horní 437, 51244 Rokytnice nad Jizerou
Phones: +420 481 522 109, +420 481 549 211
Fax: +420 481 522 110
GPS:  50°44'8.46"N, 15°28'28.51"E


RTK, spol. s r.o. underwent significant ownership changes in the year 2004. Foreign investors in the form of the Austrian company Linz Textil Holding Aktiengesellschaft and the Swiss firm Jenny Fabrics AG became the 100 % owners of the company. This brought with it a number of personnel and organisational changes. Incorporation into a group of strong foreign partners led to the creation of qualitatively new starting conditions for the onward development of the company. These conditions affected both the area of financing and that of securing orders and the maximum utilisation of production capacities. In this way extremely good conditions in which to ensure competitiveness on world markets were created.