Rokytnice nad Jizerou and its surrounding offer you ideal conditions for exploration of unique nature of the Giant Mountains by cycling on marked cycling trails. In the area of the national park, cycling is allowed only on marked trails.

The location of Rokytnice nad Jizerou offers very good accessibility of surrounding localities, such as Harrachov, Kořenov, Vysoké nad Jizerou, Paseky nad Jizerou, Poniklá, Benecko etc.

You need to count with many strenuous gradients, rather worse quality of the surface, and steep downhills. On the other hand, you will be rewarded by a view of our beautiful mountains. When planning your tours in the Giant Mountains, we recommend you careful consideration of the length and physical demands of your selected trail. You should also watch the weather forecast and check the condition of your bike, especially brakes. You will appreciate their perfect condition in steep downhills.

From June to September, there are the GIANT-MOUNTAINS CYCLE BUSES available for you. They will bring you closer to the tops of our mountains. Each bus can transport 15 bikes at the minimum. In the Giant Mountains, there is an extensive network of cycling trails, from which it is possible to watch splendid sceneries of our highest mountains. These trails are intended mainly for sports-minded individual, since in some stages they are very difficult and demanding.

Come with us to explore the beauties of our mountains. Our cycling trails will take you to many glorious places.

  • Route 1 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – 1A
  • Route 2 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Rezek – 1A, 7
  • Route 3 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Rezek – Horní Rokytnice n. J. – Dolní Rokytnice n. J. – 1A, 7
  • Route 4 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Benecko – 1A, 9, 10
  • Route 5 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Jilemnice – 1A, 9, 22
  • Route 6 – Ručičky – Studenov – Čertova hora – Na Mýtě – Planýrka, Paseky n. J. – Rokytnice n. J. – 4, 3, 22
  • Route 7 – Ručičky – Studenov – Rýžovište, Harrachov – Rokytnice n. J – 1A, 2A, 22

Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – by the cemetery – Hranice – Vilémov – Paseky nad Jizerou – Vysoké nad Jizerou – Tříč – Jablonec nad Jizerou – Rokytnice nad Jizerou (U Kroupů) petrol station – by the Old people's home – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Dolní Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – Paseky nad Jizerou (Makov) – Na Perlíčku – The Štěpánka observation tower – Příchovice – Kořenov – Na Mýtě – Planýrka – Havírna – Vilémov – over the hill to Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Špindlerův Mlýn – Bedřichov – Horní Mísečky – chalet Jilemnická bouda – Hotel U Skálů – Kozelský stream – Vidlice crossing – Sedlo pod Dvoračkami – chalet Dvoračky – Ručičky crossing – Krakonoš's trail – Harrachov Rýžoviště (Sporthotel) – Studenov – u Janovy skály (at John's rock) – Hranice – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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