Liberec - zoologická zahrada (42 km)

Liberec Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1919, and specializes in breeding of rare animals and endangered animals living in the wild. The zoo takes part in the European Endangered Species Programme. A rarity among the animals is white tigers. Public feeding of seals is very interesting as well.

Liberec – Botanical garden  (42 km)

The botanical garden in Liberec has an area of 3,000 square metres. It specializes in tropical and subtropical flora. This largest greenhouse complex open to public in the Czech Republic consists of nine houses containing thirteen independent botanical topics. The visitors can visit among others a house of carnivorous plants, samples from the largest Czech collection of orchids, giant nettlelike plant called Laportea, and many other interesting things. The botanical garden is situated near the city centre of Liberec, right next to the Liberec Zoo, and has a barrier-free access.

Dvůr Králové – Zoo + Safari  (51 km)

The Zoo is attractive in any weather. In summer, it is often overcrowded with visitors, whereas in winter, it offers much more relaxation and comfort in all houses. Usually, the animals spend the whole opening hours in their enclosures. Only in the coldest months they take turns in the enclosures and their stay outside has to be limited. In cold or rainy weather, you can find asylum above all in tropical houses the World of Birds and the World of Water, where the visitors can experience real tropical climate. A look into exotic biotopes in the carnivore house, house of night animals, elephants, pigmy hippos, lemurs, golden lion tamarins and Cape ground squirrels. Another attractions include not only playful orang-utans, chimpanzees and dignified gorillas, but also other monkeys in the primate house.