In the past, the Huťský waterfall was a sought-after trip destination. There was a restaurant here, in which hoedowns took place every Sunday. The Huťský waterfall is 20 m high and its water comes from the Huťský stream, which rises below the Dvoračky chalet. It was named Huťský (meaning "relating to glassworks") after the first glassworks in the Giant Mountains, in which the famous Schürer family worked from the year 1562. Later, after depletion of wood reserves in surrounding woods, the glassworks ceased to exist, and from the year 1625, extraction of silver, copper, and lead supported by Albrecht of Valdštejn developed here. After Valdštejn's death, the mining activity declined and was never restored again. The local inhabitants then started to focus on production of cloth and at the same time on transhumant economy.

  • GPS: 50°44'15.479"N, 15°29'49.942"E