For a safe stay in the mountains, it is necessary to adhere to several basic rules:

  • when leaving, make sure somebody knows about your walk – tell them your trails and expected time of your return
  • if you change the direction of your walk, announce it to your accommodation provider or to the Mountain Rescue Service
  • inquire about conditions and demands of your hike
  • go hiking in the group of at least three people
  • watch weather forecast, do not underestimate rapid weather changes in the mountains
  • wear or take enough clothes (mountain ridges are treacherous)
  • walk along marked tourist trails
  • do not overestimate your energy and fitness
  • observe informational and warning signs
  • do not enter places marked as avalanche fieldsad
  • here to recommendations of the Mountain Rescue Service

How to behave in the mountains:

  • protect the mountain nature, do not drop litter, do not scare off animals, do not pick mountain plants, trees, dwarf pines, bushes, do not kindle a fire, do not shorten your trail, walk only on marked trails and paths
  • observe provisions of the rules for visitors of the Giant Mountains and relevant public notices of the Giant Mountains National Park (KRNAP).

In case of danger or a threat, call the Mountain Rescue Service!