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Welcome to our small charming town located in the highest mountain range of the Czech Republic dominated by the magnificence of Lysá hora and Kotel. Our tourist and sports centre is situated in the western corner of the fascinating Giant Mountains.


General information about Rokytnice - skiing, hiking, accommodation and services.

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou is one of the places of the Giant Mountains that was already settled in the 16th century. Our municipality was founded around the year 1574. It was named after the Huťský stream. It was originally called "Rokytnice" after the adjective "rokytná", which means stream flowing among willows (a willow was called "rokyta").

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The emblem of Rokytnice nad Jizerou is formed by a shield divided into four parts. In the first golden quarter, there is a miner digging in a black rock (Rokytno). In the second blue quarter, there is a red fox walking to the right on green grass (Františkov). In the third quarter, there is a sheep walking on green grass (Horní Rokytnice). In the fourth golden quarter, there is a bear on green grass turned to the left and holding a white sheet of paper in his right forepaw.

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Geographical location, Climate, Number of inhabitants and more informations about Rokytnice nad Jizerou...

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