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Exactly 115 years after the opening ceremony of the town hall building (Sunday September 27, 1903), residents and visitors to Rokytnice nad Jizerou can now enter the town hall attic and climb the 88 stairs to the viewing balcony of the 37m high town hall tower.

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28th January 2014 – From Saturday, 25th January, the ski resorts in Rokytnice nad Jizerou started operation - Horní Domky (Lysá hora), Modrá Hvězda, Pařez, Paseky nad Jizerou as well as Udatný ski service.

In days to come, the weather forecast promises temperatures below the freezing point while the ski resorts continue to cover their ski slopes with artificial snow! :-)


Unfortunatelly we have to inform you that it was decided that the Skiarea Horní Domky will be closed thanks to the unsustainable snow conditions starting from Saturday January 11th, 2014, until the snow conditions will get better. We will keep you informed about the actual status anyway and will inform your immediatelly in case of any changes. Skibus out of operation starting from 11.1.2014.

Ski resorts Modrá Hvězda – Bahýnka and Skiservis Udatný – Koupaliště are normaly open.


lanova-draha-hdThe cable way Horní Domky is in operation on wekends only. The time table 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 17.00 hours. The Bikepark - operating as the cable way.


Summer operation of cable-way will start on 1st May 2013. In May, June and September will be limited operation on holidays and weekends. In July and August the daily operation. More information and a list »


11. 4. 2013 – The resort Horní Domky is out of order in week. Another operation will start in Friday, 12.4 for the special price day ticket 100,- CZK. In operation, will be the cableways A1, A5 and will be adjusted the blue slope. On Saturday and Sunday will be the operation expanded on ski lifts Kaprun and Zalomený. Will be adjusted blue and red slopes. Daily price 250,- CZK. We look forward to meeting you :-)


27. 3. 2013 – Lyžařský areál Horní Domky bude v provozu do neděle 7. dubna 2013. Denní jízdní bude od 1. dubna 300 Kč. Neváhejte a přijeďte na poslední lyžování na Lysé hoře v této sezóně.


Tourist information portal for visitors Rokytnice also ran a profile on social networking site Facebook, where you can be informed about news and cultural events. Profile can be found at