The emblem of Rokytnice nad Jizerou is formed by a shield divided into four parts. In the first golden quarter, there is a miner digging in a black rock (Rokytno). In the second blue quarter, there is a red fox walking to the right on green grass (Františkov). In the third quarter, there is a sheep walking on green grass (Horní Rokytnice). In the fourth golden quarter, there is a bear on green grass turned to the left and holding a white sheet of paper in his right forepaw.

The emblem was created from seals of the four mentioned municipalities at the beginning of the previous century.

It is not known when exactly the town got its emblem. It is documented by a seal and a federal flag from the second half of the 19th century. It consisted from a quartered shield containing four signs representing former seal signs of four villages: Rokytno, Františkov, Horní Rokytnice, and Dolní Rokytnice. Description of the emblem: A quartered shield. In the first golden quarter, at the right margin of the shield, there is a grey rock, and in front of it, on green soil, there is a working miner wearing black clothes. In the second, blue, top left field, there is a brown fox standing on the grass and turned to the right. In the third, also blue field, there is a white sheep with black hooves walking to the right on green grass. And in the fourth golden field, there is a black-brown bear standing on hind legs, turned to the right and holding probably a silver ploughshare in his forepaws. Above the shield, there is a silver brick crown.