A trail with very difficult climbs, running on 2nd class and 3rd class roads, reinforced forest roads.

From the Rokytnice football pitch, we climb up to the Sachr's ridge. We continue via Vrata, Hejlov and Dolní Dušnice. The ruin called Nístějka is worth mentioning and seeing. In the following part of the trail, we will discover beauties of submontane villages. The Exkursní cesta (excursion trail) and a climb to Dvoračky will open a magnificent view of the tops of our highest mountains. The road down from Dvoračky will bring us to other important crossings of cycling and tourist trails, from which we can visit other interesting places. Via Ručičky, we ride down to the crossing of Studenov and through the Krásná vyhlídka, we return to Rokytnice.

Trail description

Rokytnice nad Jizerou football pitch – Sachrův Hřeben (Sachr's ridge) – Nad Františkem – Vrata – Hejlov – Dolní Dušnice – Nístějka, ruin – Maříkov – Poniklá Přívlaka, crossing – Poniklá – Jestřabí v Krkonoších – Zabylý – Stromkovice – Ve starém mlýně – Rezek, crossing – Exkursní cesta (excursion trail) – Vidlice crossing – Sedlo pod Dvoračkami, crossing – Dvoračky – Ručič­ky – Studenov, crossing – Liščí díra, crossing – Krásná vyhlídka – Hranice, crossing – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

Trail length: 45 km

Trail profile