Rokytnice nad Jizerou and its surrounding offer you ideal conditions for exploration of unique nature of the Giant Mountains by cycling on marked cycling trails. In the area of the national park, cycling is allowed only on marked trails.

The location of Rokytnice nad Jizerou offers very good accessibility of surrounding localities, such as Harrachov, Kořenov, Vysoké nad Jizerou, Paseky nad Jizerou, Poniklá, Benecko etc.

You need to count with many strenuous gradients, rather worse quality of the surface, and steep downhills. On the other hand, you will be rewarded by a view of our beautiful mountains. When planning your tours in the Giant Mountains, we recommend you careful consideration of the length and physical demands of your selected trail. You should also watch the weather forecast and check the condition of your bike, especially brakes. You will appreciate their perfect condition in steep downhills.

From June to September, there are the GIANT-MOUNTAINS CYCLE BUSES available for you. They will bring you closer to the tops of our mountains. Each bus can transport 15 bikes at the minimum. In the Giant Mountains, there is an extensive network of cycling trails, from which it is possible to watch splendid sceneries of our highest mountains. These trails are intended mainly for sports-minded individual, since in some stages they are very difficult and demanding.

Come with us to explore the beauties of our mountains. Our cycling trails will take you to many glorious places.

  • Route 1 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – 1A
  • Route 2 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Rezek – 1A, 7
  • Route 3 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Rezek – Horní Rokytnice n. J. – Dolní Rokytnice n. J. – 1A, 7
  • Route 4 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Benecko – 1A, 9, 10
  • Route 5 – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Jilemnice – 1A, 9, 22
  • Route 6 – Ručičky – Studenov – Čertova hora – Na Mýtě – Planýrka, Paseky n. J. – Rokytnice n. J. – 4, 3, 22
  • Route 7 – Ručičky – Studenov – Rýžovište, Harrachov – Rokytnice n. J – 1A, 2A, 22

Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – by the cemetery – Hranice – Vilémov – Paseky nad Jizerou – Vysoké nad Jizerou – Tříč – Jablonec nad Jizerou – Rokytnice nad Jizerou (U Kroupů) petrol station – by the Old people's home – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Špindlerův Mlýn – Bedřichov – Horní Mísečky – chalet Jilemnická bouda – Hotel U Skálů – Kozelský stream – Vidlice crossing – Sedlo pod Dvoračkami – chalet Dvoračky – Ručičky crossing – Krakonoš's trail – Harrachov Rýžoviště (Sporthotel) – Studenov – u Janovy skály (at John's rock) – Hranice – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Dolní Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – Paseky nad Jizerou (Makov) – Na Perlíčku – The Štěpánka observation tower – Příchovice – Kořenov – Na Mýtě – Planýrka – Havírna – Vilémov – over the hill to Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou football pitch – Hotel Starý Mlýn – The Huťský waterfall – Světlanka – Hájenka – Ručičky – Dvoračky – Sedlo pod Dvoračkami – Kozelský stream – Hotel Skála crossing – below Janova Hora – Na Starém mlýně – Vítkovice – Křižlice – Roudnice (hotel Aldrov) – Rezek, crossing – Pod Vlčím hřebenem – Nad Františkem – Sachrův Hřeben (Sachr's ridge) – Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou football pitch – Sachrův Hřeben (Sachr's ridge) – Vrata – Vlčí cesta – Dvoračky – Ručičky – Kládová cesta passing by Plešivec – Krakonošova snídaně – downhill along the river Mumlava – the Mumlava waterfall – Harrachov bus station – Rýžoviště – Studenov – Krásná vyhlídka (Beautiful lookout) – Hranice – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – Rokytnice nad Jizerou (U Kroupů) – Jablonec nad Jizerou square – Dolní Tříč – Hor­ní Tříč – Vysoké nad Jizerou square – Roprachtice – Dolní Sytová – Horní Sytová – Nová Ves, Poniklá – Maříkov – Stromkovice – Nad Františkem – Sachrův Hřeben (Sachr's ridge) – Rokytnice nad Jizerou football pitch

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou ČSAD bus station – Rezek – Vítkovice – Roudnice – Hotel U Skálů – Dolní Štěpanice – Benecko – Žalý observation tower – Vítkovice – Vidlice – Rezek – Vrata – Františkov – Háskov – Končiny – Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou football pitch – Rezek – Kozelský stream – Vidlice crossing – Hotel Skála – U Třídomí – Dolní Mísečky – Horní Mísečky – Vrbata's hut – Zlaté návrší – back to the Hotel Skála – Hotel Praha – Vítkovice – Rezek – Vrata – Družba chalet – Františkov – over the hill to Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – Krásná vyhlídka – Hranice – Na Kamlu – Janov (sawmill) – Mýto (confluence of Jizera and Mumlava) – chalet Jizerka – Harrachov ČSAD bus station – Nový Svět – Novosvětský mountain pass – below Kamenec – below Vosecká bouda – Krakonošova snídaně – below Ptačinec – Ručičky – Kostelní road – Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou football pitch – Sachrův Hřeben (Sachr's ridge) – Nad Františkem – Vrata – Hejlov – Dolní Dušnice – Nístějka, ruin – Maříkov – Poniklá Přívlaka, crossing – Poniklá – Jestřabí v Krkonoších – Zabylý – Stromkovice – Ve starém mlýně – Rezek, crossing – Exkursní cesta (excursion trail) – Vidlice crossing – Sedlo pod Dvoračkami, crossing – Dvoračky – Ručič­ky – Studenov, crossing – Liščí díra, crossing – Krásná vyhlídka – Hranice, crossing – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – U Kroupů – Paseky nad Jizerou Makov – Mýto (confluence of Jizera and Mum­lava) – Kořenov – Horní Kořenov – along the Jizera river, Saská cesta – below Bukovec – Smědava – Na Kůrovci – Hraniční cesta – Václavíkova studánka (Václavík's Well) – Souš crossing – Horní Polubný – Horní Kořenov – Na Mýtě – Planýrka – Paseky nad Jizerou – Paseky nad Jizerou Makov – Rokytnice nad Jizerou square

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou square – Paseky nad Jizerou – below Tomášův vrch – Vysoké nad Jizerou – Stanový – Jesenný – Bozkov (Bozkov caves) – Příkrý – Škodějov – Roprachtice – Nová Ves – Poniklá (swimming pool) – Maříkov – Horní Dušnice – Buřany – Františkov – Rokytnice nad Jizerou football pitch.

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  • n the area of KRNAP, ride only on roads, local paths and marked trails
  • adhere to the provisions of KRNAP
  • be considerate and give the way to walking tourists
  • do not disturb the tranquillity of the nature, do not damage flora, do not disturb animals
  • in the demanding mountain terrains, we recommend wearing a helmet; check the technical condition of your bike, above all your brakes
  • Where no wind is, there are mosquitoes.
  • Where neither wind nor mosquitoes are, then there are hills.
  • When nothing of the above-mentioned happens to you, it will usually start raining or snowing.
  • Since the morning, your child wants to go for a cycling trip; as soon as you are packed and ready to set out, the child decides for another activity.
  • Your child usually wants to go to another place than you.
  • You are always responsible for missing parts of equipment.
  • The map never corresponds with reality.
  • Where the map shows a turning, there is nothing.
  • You will find the turning a couple hundreds metres further. It is not in the map and leads you to a completely different place from the one you need to go to.
  • You are trying to orientate yourself according to the main points, i.e. a stream, a railway track, a border of the wood, and a church.
  • Where the stream is supposed to be, there is the railway track.
  • Where the petrol station is supposed to be, there is a church.
  • When you finally cast aside your shyness and ask the only person far and wide, then s/he definitely does not know the area very well.
  • If you after all happen to run into a local inhabitant, s/he will give you directions in such a complicated way that you will not understand anything.
  • The moment you are definitely and conclusively lost, you start liking it, and you usually find a very nice pub or a beautiful place you would have never found with the map