The observation tower U borovice - Roprachtice (12 km)

The Štěpánka observation tower  (15 km)

The oldest neo-Gothic stone observation tower of the Jizera mountains on the hill Hvězda above Přichovice at the altitude of 959 m a.s.l. It is named after the archduke Stephan (Štěpán), who in 1847 became a patron of construction of the imperial Giant-Mountain road.

However, when the duke left for Hungary, the construction was stopped for 40 years. The torso of the observation tower was maintained by a Mountain club and by the tourist, who came to watch the sun from here. In the end, this group took over the tower from the duke, and four years later finished its construction. Eventually, it was opened for public in 1892.

The view from the tower is absolutely magnificent. Besides the western part of Giant Mountains, we can see the Jizera Mountains, Desná, and Kamenice.

There is a story connected with Štěpánka, according to which duke Rohan stopped the construction upon a warning of a gipsy woman; she told him he was to die soon after finishing the construction. In 1892, the tower was finished and the duke really died soon after…

Štěpánka holds a unique record – its picture on postcards was published in a record number. Probably the best known is a traditional New Year's Day climb to the Hvězda hill, which is every year visited by more and more people.

The observation tower Špičák - Tanvald (22 km)

The observation tower at Žalý (26 km)

A peak with an observation tower located southeast from Benecko. The stone observation tower from 1892 in the place of a former metal tower offers the most beautiful panoramic view of the Giant Mountains and the country. Nearby, there used to be Harrach's restaurant. But it burnt down in 1900, and its replacement was destroyed during World War II.

The Nisanka observation tower (28 km)

The observation tower in Černá Studnice (30 km)

The Bramberk observation tower - Lučany nad Nisou (31 km)

The Kozákov observation tower - Semily (33 km)

The Petřín observation tower - Jablonec nad Nisou (33 km)

The Královka observation tower - Bedřichov (33 km)

The Dubecko observation tower (37 km)

The Kopanina observation tower (38 km)

The Tábor observation tower - Lomnice nad Popelkou (38 km)

The Panorama observation tower - Černá hora (39 km)

The Smrk observation tower - Nové město pod Smrkem (50 km)

The Ještěd observation tower  (57 km)

Ještěd was always considered one of the main dominant features of Northern Bohemia and a symbol of the city of Liberec located at its foot. The construction is among the best examples of the period architecture following the direction of humanized technology. Its shape and cultivated technicism of details invoke poetic associations with the world of sci-fi; however, at the same time the tower uniquely reacts to the context of the landscape, to the cone-shaped peak of the Ještěd mountain, and provides it with an elegant aerodynamic top. In this connection of technicism with the sense of natural environment it occupies more than a unique place in the whole Czech and Central European architecture of its period. Besides the marvellous view, you can use the services of a restaurant and accommodation in a hotel.

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