Jablonec nad Jizerou – St. Prokop's Church  (3 km)

The Church of St. Prokop was built in 1777. It is a single-aisle late-Gothic building with a quadrangle presbytery, sacristy, and a prismatic tower. In 1893, it was rebuilt and extended. The sculpture of St. Prokop is on the main altar. You attention will also be attracted by a vicarage in the Empire style from 1813.

Paseky nad Jizerou – St. Wenceslas' Church  (5 km)

The Church of St. Wenceslas was built in 1787 – 1789 in a place of a high forest and a rock at the altitude of 658 m a.s.l. It is a baroque, single-aisle church with a sacristy on the northern side, and a typical shingled prismatic tower with a cupola. It has not virtually changed since its construction. The interior equipment is uniform, in the rococo style, from the second half of the 18th century.

Vysoké nad Jizerou – St. Catherine's Church (11 km)

Until the 14th century, in the place of today's Church of St. Catherine, there used to be a small wooden Gothic church. In 1753, construction of the stone church was finished under Pavel Kramář's supervision. The fire of the town in 1834 burnt the church down. All equipment of the interior was damaged, bells melted in the heat, organ from 1760 burnt down, and a wooden sculpture of Madonna from the first half of the 14th century of an unknown author was severely damaged. The Madonna was afterwards completely restored. In 1836, the church was built again in a Baroque style. 

Kořenov -Evangelical Cemetery Chapel (13 km)

Poniklá – St. Jakub's Church  (13 km)

The Baroque Church of St. Jakub Větší It was consecrated already in 1682, and is one of the oldest churches of the region. Hundred years ago, it was decorated by paintings of a painter Nejedlý, and in 1996, the paintings were restored by restorers from Litomyšl.

Harrachov – St. Wenceslas' Church  (13 km)

The Church of St. Wenceslas was built in the place of a wooden chapel from 1730; in 1788, a wooden church was built here. In 1822-28, the church was rebuilt to a brick Empire church. Inside, we will be attracted by a partially glass altar from 1864, and a big chandelier from 1828.

Next to the building of the Harrachov glassworks, there is a chapel of St. Elizabeth with a glass bell. Its author is Julius Klinger, who cast it in local glassworks in 1916. The bell is 50 cm high and weighs 10 kg.

Desná - Riedl´s tomb (17 km)

Horní Branná - The tomb of Harrach (23 km)

Semily - St. Peter´s and Paul´s Church (23 km)

Vrchlabí - Klášter obutých augustiniánů s kostelem sv. Augustina (26 km)

Vrchlabí - St. Vavřinec´s Church (26 km)

Vrchlabí - Morzinsko-černínská Chapel (26 km)