The mountain chalet Dvoračky lies at the altitude of 1.140 m a.s.l. between Lysá hora and the mountain Kotel at the crossing of tourist trails Dvoračky – Rokytnice n. J., Studenov, Harrachov, Mísečky, Špindlerův Mlýn, Rezek. Further, along Dvoračky, one of the oldest trails goes uphill. It is called Česká and was already known in the 10th century. It passes through Rokytnice n. J. and through the meadow Labská louka continues to Silesia. On 19th September 1684, a procession of a Hradec Králové bishop Krištof of Talenburg walked along the Czech trail. They went to consecrate the Labe spring, and somewhere here a camel carrying its requisites foundered due to fatigue.

Dvoračky is a very old hut, originally a mountain farmstead. Vast surrounding meadows with thick grass enabled cattle breeding. It was founded in 1707 by the Schier family. In 1983, it burnt down, and the site was bought by count Harrach and he rebuilt it to an inn. The hut was very frequented, even in winter. In February 1902, the 7th Skiing Championship of Bohemia took place here. During a land reform of 1921, it was passed over to the hands of the state and it was let for rent to the Půhonný family, who bought it later on. This family rebuilt Dvoračky to the present form. Among the most famous guests signed in the visitors' book there are dr. Eduard Beneš with his wife Hana, who loved the Giant Mountains and spent their free time at Dvoračky before as well as after the war.

Nowadays, Dvoračky is visited for its home bakery, excellent cuisine, mountain specialties, and reasonable prices. It is open all year long from 9.00 a.m. to the midnight.

Rare plants grow at the surrounding meadows – Mountain arnica, Willow gentian, Narcissus anemone etc.